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Gateway to Gateway H.323 trunk


I'm fairly new to the callmanager and was after some advice/direction on trying to set up the following lab environment.

I have a 2821 gateway connected to the PSTN via PRI ISDN. Callmanager 4.2 setup and able to make outgoing calls.

Now, I have added another callmanager (seperate cluster) to the same internal network and was wanting to connect it to a second 2821 router. I was wanting connect this second gateway to the first gateway via a H.323 trunk. Some advice on how to begin setting this up?

First gateway: 2821 router

internal IP:

external PSTN: PRI ISDN

Second gateway: 2821 router

internal IP:

Do I setup a H.323 trunk between and and can I then route calls the the first callmanager that then will route external calls out the first gateway's PSTN link.

Thanks in advance...


Re: Gateway to Gateway H.323 trunk

PSTN -- 2821-A --- 2821B --- CCM2

This 2821 should allow connections from h323 to h323.

You only need to create dial-peers in both routers...

in 2821B doing the dialplan that match dial-peer pots in 2821A.

in 2821A dial-peer VOIP for incoming calls from PSTN to CCM2.

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Re: Gateway to Gateway H.323 trunk

Thanks for the reply.

How do I create an endpoint on the 2821B? It is only connected via ethernet port (not to PSTN).

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