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Generating the CA certificates via CSR

Dear Team,


I want to use VPN less Cisco jabber for J4W, J4I, J4A with expressway C & E.

Expressway-C :

For generating the  CA certificates via CSR,I did not find the FQDN  PhoneSecurityProfiles.

I have to create three FQDN Phone security profile for J4W, J4I, J4A?  right

and these three profile have to use with comma to generate CSR in EXP-C?  right


In Expressway E CSR ,we need to add the internal or public domain name ?




The phone security profile is

The phone security profile is only required if you have CUCM in mixed mode. The CSRs that need to be signed are for Expressway E, CUCM, IM&P, UCN. Expressway E should have the IM domain name as a SAN.


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its clearly mention

its clearly mention certificates requirment  for Expressway C and E im MRA feature in attached snaps.

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Waqas,You need certificates!


You need certificates! Goerge is talking about phone security profile. Your expressway-e and c connect using tls, hence you need to have a CA signed certificate uploaded to both servers. That means you need to generate CSR on both servers and upload the cert as server certs. Before you upload server cert, you need to upload the CA cert used to sign the server cert

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Pls find the attached snaps.I

Pls find the attached snaps.

I need information only about the "unfied CM security profile names".I did TLS turn OFF.

I can use more than one FQDN profiles with comma  in CSR?

Do you have IM/P installed?

Do you have IM/P installed? Why is it saying domain.not.set? You need to set the domain first before you start generating certificates.

As mentioned earlier, if you dont have your CUCM cluster in mixed mode (ie. encrypted voice/signaling), then the phone security profiles field can be blank.

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