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Global Translation using SOURCE IP of incoming calls

My goal is to translate (strip off 3 digits) all calls coming FROM a SPECIFIC GATEWAY (in this example, rtr 1720) leaving 7 digits.  I have the following on the 3945 RTR:

voice source-group V1

access-list 50

translation-profile incoming verso-in


voice translation-rule 1

rule 1 /^020/ //

voice translation-profile verso-in
translate called 1
dial-peer voice 173 voip
description FROM 1720-Router
session protocol sipv2
incoming called-number .......
dtmf-relay rtp-nte digit-drop
Test setup:
1700 Router --> SIP INVITE (dialing 020 2850306) --> 3945 Router --> (Cloud of GK/H323 GWY)
My translation pattern works fine but its not being applied.  PID0 (default peer) is answering the call and giving a codec mismatch when dial-peer 173 should be answering it.
000038: *Oct  7 17:23:53.151: %VOICE_IEC-3-GW: SIP: Internal Error (INVITE, codec mismatch)C= on callID 2
Access-list 50 is very basic and matches the IP of the 1720 RTR.
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Re: Global Translation using SOURCE IP of incoming calls

I found my answer ... though mystified!

dial-peer voice 173 voip

incoming called-number [0-9]......

Having 7 "." did not match a 7 digit string.  Having the above does!  Explanation anyone!??

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