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Globalize & Localize Dial Plans

Hello -

I have been reading up on globalizing and localizing my dial plans on CUCM. This is definitely a seriously complicated topic and I found the link below to be very helpful to explain things:

I have one query though...

At my company, we use a 7 digit internal extension on all the IP phones, for example 999-1234. Now to call this number from externally, you would need to call say +21 345 1234.

When this number is called and comes into our GW, we use the 'Significant Digits' field and set it to 4, taking the last 4 digits and then we prepend on 999 which then will match the internal extension on the IP phone 999-1234 and the phone rings.

Now, my question is in regards to prefixing digits on the GW using the Incoming Calling Party Settings (see pic below)

Incoming Calling Party Settings - Belguim

My question is, if I am using the significant digits field to take only the last 4 digits and then prepend on the internal extension code so the incoming call can reach the IP phone, how does the Incoming calling party settings field in the pic above come into affect? It almost seem like they are conflicting each other - or maybe I am confused (most likely!)

Is it possible to still globalize the number using the Incoming C P settings while also using the significant digits field and prepending on an internal 3 digit code?

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