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GUP question - Gatekeeper

I`m looking to deploy Gatekeepers connecting to GW`s and possible thinking of using "rrq dynamic-prefixes-accept" so reduce administration. The idea is that rather then configure Zone prefix for each Pots Dial-Peer on the local gateways we use the dynamic-prefix-accept setting so dial-peer are automatically added- all good so far particular in a single GK set up . However I`m also thinking of use a back GK and using GUP/ Alternative GK my question is

1.Do I need to configure alternative as below on each GW in my GK cluster so to point to the primary and alternative GK- I though as part of the initial registration process the GW is provided with the alternative so the config. below is not required ?

h323-Gateway voip interface

h323-Gateway voip id NA-GK ipaddr 1719 priority 1

h323-Gateway voip id NA-ALTGK ipaddr 1719 priority 2

h323-Gateway voip h323-id US-GW1

2. When using GUP, Gatekeeper clustering can I still use "rrq dynamic-prefixes-accept" and not configure any Zone Prefix on either GK- Primary and alternative

3. If I use "rrq dynamic-prefixes-accept" is the fail over seamless or do they have to rebuild themselves again and if so does anyone know what time

Many thanks


Re: GUP question - Gatekeeper

Please ignore item 1 as it is for H323 alternative GK and not GUP which is what I want to use due to the updates. The issue I has is some books seem to indicate that I nee to add zone prefixs poitnto each other Priamry GK, Secondary GK while still using Dynamic-prefix-accept which defeats the object


Re: GUP question - Gatekeeper

Any ideas ?

many thanks


Re: GUP question - Gatekeeper

Can any answer, help



Re: GUP question - Gatekeeper


The answer to question 1 is YES, you do need ALTGK configuration on all gateways . You can use rrq dynamic-prefixes-accept instead of Zone prefixes. The failover is seamless as they have info about zones.

Did you try to look at gatekeeper clustering option. I find it better than alternate gk.




Re: GUP question - Gatekeeper


gatekeeper clustering seems to be that I need to configure the GK with the IP address of the other GK`s ? I was looking towards GUP which seems a lot easier in that I do not need to do anything except ensure the GK config. are the same. When the GW registers to it own GK the RAS message back from the GK1 tells it about GK2 ? Do you to configure any commends on GK1 for this to work ?- what`s best HSRP but the 2 x GK`s must be on the same subnet , Alternative seems good but too match configuration on the Gateways, that`s why I thought about GUP


Re: GUP question - Gatekeeper

Sorry -is Alternative Gatekeeper the same as GUP or different?

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