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h.323 gw failure

have route list with 3 h.323 gw's.

congle 323 gw in each RG.

I pulled the PRI out of first 323 gw and made test call and the call did not go through.

i have the route pattern pointed to the route list with the 3 h.323 gw's but does not seem to be hitting next member in RL.

is there a special config setting in service params that is not a default settin gthat i must change for this to work or could this be an issue on my 323 GW?

Cisco Employee

Re: h.323 gw failure

From a previously question on the same answered by gogasca:

H323 Failover

The default behavior in IOS, when there are no valid POTS dial-peers for a call to go out of, is to return “unallocated number” as a cause code to CCM. This can happen even if a t1 goes down. When the T1 goes down, the POTS peer is marked as down, and when CCM sends a call to the gateway, it'll return a UAN cause code to the ccm, causing CCM (by default) to stop hunting for other available gateways. There are ways to change the behavior using service parameters in CCM, but this behavior didn't make sense to me, so we looked for other ways to do it.

It turns out that you can issue the global command "no dial-peer outbound status-check pots" on the IOS GW, if you're opposed to changing the CCM behavior. What this command will do is cause the dial-peer to stay up. IOS will try and route the call, and when the T1 is down, it returns "No circuit available" to CCM. When CCM receives this cause code, it knows there's been a non-user error, and continues hunting, achieving the desired behavior.

In your case since it is H323 it will be retruning only H225 release comp message with proper code to continue re-routing.

The IOS code will translate any code we get from pots side to IP side



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