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H.323 GW for Branch Location

hi guys ,

i have a central location havng one CCM integrated with GW via H.323 and have one PRI and calls are working fine for incoming and outgoing ....( i have created Route Group, route List and Route pattern for central location pointing to central router)now i have SRST router for branch (have four FXO Ports) which will be integrate with Central CCM and the branch users will use the WAN for PSTN Calls and in case of WAN Link failure calls will route to the analog lines..thats like general scenario for H.323 SRST ...

my question is while configuring ports in pots dial-peer for outgoing calls at Central router i configured port 0/0/0:15 e.g. my pots dial-peer for outgoing call at central location is

dial-peer voice 13 pots

destination-pattern 939......


port 0/0/0:15

forward-digits 8

now for outgoing calls at branch do i need to have pots dial-peer ?? if Yes then what should be port bcoz my branch is connected to Central location via MPLS (not via isdn interface)??? i configured voip dial-peer at branch router for integration with CCM,and voip for outgoing calls forward to CCM my config is

voice class h323 1

h225 timeout tcp establish 3


voice class codec 2

codec preference 1 g729r8

codec preference 2 g729br8

codec preference 3 g711ulaw


dial-peer voice 1 voip

destination-pattern ....

session target ipv4:

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

no vad


dial-peer voice 81 voip

destination-pattern 8T

preference 1

no vad

voice-class h323 1

voice-class codec 2

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

session target ipv4: <----- (CCM IP Address)

with this i am not able to make outgoing calls from central location ...

one of my friend told me that you should have separate Route Group, route List and Route Pattern for Branch,

i did that but if i select Route List in Route Pattern the one which i created for branch the outgoing, incoming calls are not working even im not able to see debugs isdn q931 at branch router as well as on central router !!!and if i select route list in route pattern the one which i created for Central Location all my calls are working fine .. and there isnt any change in Route Group,List,Pattern config for Central or Branch !!!

my Branch Router is registerd with CCM

can any one share the dial-peers config for adding H.323 GW from Branch Router to CCM (which is available at central location) or can any one tell what should i do at CCM or Branch Router for adding H.323 GW of branch at central CCM ???

sorry for basic question !!

Thanks in advance

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Re: H.323 GW for Branch Location


We need to break down what you want to achieve into simpler words.

1. You have centralized CCM.

2. You have 2 gateways..gateway 1=Central location, gateway 2= Branch site.

3. You want all branch site and central site to use same gateway for PSTN calls

4. You only want to use branch router for SRST

This is my understanding of your scenario. Let me know if I am wrong.

Solution 1.

You can use the same Route group, Route List and Route pattern for both and it wil work.

In this case you will have the central router assigned to the route group and then assign this to the RL. Your route pattern will then point to the RL.

Solution 2.

You can create seperate route patterns for both sites and slo create seperate RG, RL for them

so eg Central site..Route group= RG_Central

Branch site= RG_Branch.

In each route group, you will assign your central gateway to them.

then create RL for each site. After this you then create route patterns for each site. NB you will need to create different Partitons to assign the route patterns to. Phones for Central site site will have CCS with Central site PT in them and Branch site will be similar.

To setup your Branch gateway as a H323 gateway..Just add it in CCM..go to CCMadmin>gateway>add new>H323 gateway.

In the device name..Put the IP address of the gateway and fill out the remaining fields.

Dont forget that you will need to create a SRST reference in CCM with the branch router's IP as the address of the gateway. You will also need to configure dial-peers in the Branch gateway for outgoing calls during SRST


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Re: H.323 GW for Branch Location

Akon ,

man you are FABOULUS, you are right thats what i mean which you explain in detail all at in one shot ....

i understand all things but one thing you didnt tell me about dial-peers for Branch Router,

when WAN Link is active (& Branch calls for PSTN will have to route via Central Router) what dial-peer do i need to configure at Branch Router for make outgoing calls at PSTN !!!! do i need POTS dial-peer or VOIP dial-peer ???

Note: as i have configured POTS dial-peer at central router for central users to make outgoing calls, for branch users to make outgoing calls do i will also create POTS dial-peer at branch routers or no need ???

when the system will be in SRST Mode for that i know i will have POTS dial-peers for PSTN !!!but im asking for dial-peers when router is connected to Central Location and is NOT IN SRST MODE

Your Help is really Appreciated

thanks in advance


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Re: H.323 GW for Branch Location


Thanks for the nice rating. Ypu dont need any dial-peer for the Branch routers. Because the Branch phones are also on CCM, they will use whatever route pattern you have created for them as explained before. So they will dial as "as if they are connected at the central site" Do you understand? So its very easy. They just dial like any other phone on the central site, the only difference is they wont use thier branch router for PSTN calls.

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Re: H.323 GW for Branch Location

ok got it man ..... ,

thanks akon thanks aloot ....



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Re: H.323 GW for Branch Location


Glad I could help!

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