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H.323 IP Phone


our customer are demanding a   VoIP solution with H.323 IP Telephony. On the I found only  the IP Phone   Cisco 7905G. There are other models?



Re: H.323 IP Phone

Hello Sema-Atos,

If I understand you are trying to  download an image for Cisco IP phones and you only see in the Cisco  download section images for 7905G. I think it is due to your account  privileges, as I confirm there is a lot of images for other models  (7961G, 7962G, 7941G, 7942G and so on ...).

Also note the distinction between :

-  The protocols that are used in Cisco Unified Communications networks to  implement gateways and offer call control support for VoIP ====>  H.323, the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and the Media Gateway  Control Protocol (MGCP).

- And the types of images used  by the Cisco phones : SCCP (Skinny client control protolol  / Cisco  proprietary) and  SIP...

Kind regards.


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Re: H.323 IP Phone

Hi krahmani323,

our customer  doesn't want a proprietary protocol such as SCCP on his network.

Cisco 7905G (    supports H.323 protocol and I can use it as a H.323 terminal (H.323 Terminals  In the context of an H.323 network, voice terminals must feature system  control units, media transmission capabilities, audio codecs, and  network interfaces suitable for transmitting and receiving packetized  data.)

My question is: are there others Cisco IP Phones that support h.323 such as 7905G?


Re: H.323 IP Phone

No. If your customer is not comfortable with SCCP or SIP for call control, then Cisco is a hard sale. Technically, most vendors do something proprietary on the call control side - even with SIP. The 7905 is also not typically considered to be a highly desirable phone.

Re: H.323 IP Phone

Are you sure that your customer wants H323 IP phones vs. H323-based access to the PSTN (i.e., via a PSTN gateway).  Cisco phones are all SCCP or SIP-based, not H323.  You can get third party endpoints that are H323-based; however, this would be contrary to going with the Cisco IP phone solution to begin with.  My recommendation would be to clarify your perception of this requirement...if it is what you think it is, they may need to go a different route.  Sad, but sometimes true.


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