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H.323 Not Working In Bound

Hi Guys,

I just configured a H.323 gateway in Brasil, it works fantastically outbound, but the in bound calls get to the call manager only to receive the error message "check the number you dialed, blah, blah". I know this is a CM error as it's in English not Portuguese, I also see the call being routed to CM via the gateway. Here is the screwed up part, calling party = 15.8122.3528 called = 4000... now look at this debug h225 q931 and check out the called and calling parties. If you notice the actual numbers are in there but somehow an 803 prefix followed by 3's getting inserted every other number...

*Mar 7 19:35:03.007:

Q931 Message IE Decodes

Protocol Discriminator : 0x08

CRV Length : 2

CRV Value : 0x0014

Message Type : 0x05: SETUP

Bearer Capability: Length Of IE=3

Data 8090A3

Calling Party Number: Length Of IE=12

Data 008031353831323233353238

Called Party Number: Length Of IE=5

Data 8034303030

User-User: Length Of IE=275


Notice if I replace the 3's with "."

Calling: 803

Called: 803

What the heck?


Re: H.323 Not Working In Bound

the 803 and the 3s are expected, format is not flat text. 803 is num plan and type plan, the 3 at the left is just the format being used. _this_is_normal_

check the inbound css (Calling search space) in h323 gw for cucm

and make sure ip address configured is the same as source addr. (ie in ios gw ip source addr is but in cucm gw ip is

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Re: H.323 Not Working In Bound

Jeez. Sorry for being a n00b, my first h.323 gateway. I had the gateway in the gateway CSS, never dawning on me it would need to talk to the DN's. Stupid. Thanks a lot for your help, you made my day and taught me something new. Now I get to leave Brasil on time! Thanks again.

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