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h245 T103 Timer

Hello again,

I have CCM 4.2(3) and a 3845(c3845-advipservicesk9-mz.124-15.T6.bin) with VIC2-4FXO onboard. This gateway is registered as H323 gateway on CCM. I have a line from local telco connected to fxo port.when I dial the line number i hear only one "alerting signal" after which i hear "fast busy". The problem was in "enable inboung faststart" option enabled on CCM(this problem is described here <== Solution is to disable this option(And it really helped). Responsible for this disconnect is "...OpenLogicalChannel message timer expires before Cisco CallManager can respond with the acknowledgement (ACK) and the IP address of the remote phone...".

Is there any way to change this timer without disabling "inbound faststart"?

PS: timer info

H245 T103 (10 ms)

Timer T103 is used in Unidirectional and Bidirectional Logical Channel Signaling procedure. It specifies the maximum time during which no OpenLogicalChannelAck or OpenLogicalChannelReject or CloseLogicalChannelAck message may be received. The valid range of values is 300-30000 (10 ms).


Re: h245 T103 Timer

Sorry for bothering - the problem no longer exists

the following commands helped to solve this problem without shuting down inbound fast start

voice service voip


h225 start-h245 on-connect

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