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H323 Dial Peer matching based on ANI.


I have a site with 4 diferent companies who use the same gateway to receive calls. I recently switched them from MGCP to H323. While previously with MGCP it was easy to route calls from each company to a particular BRI through route groups and lists, I am now trying to accomplish something similar with dial peers but drawing a blank as to how this can be accomplished if at all. Now the are routed to an offsite PRI for outbound calls managed through MGCP but I would like to know if this is possible through dial peer matching and H323.

What I want to do is based on the calling number, for example 1000 (an extension) match an outbound dial peer with voice port for example 0/1/0 (the voice port used for incoming calls to this extension should also be used for outbout calls only for range 1000-1020 for example.) For extensions 1100-1120 only use voice port 0/1/1.

dial-peer voice 21 pots

description company X

answer-address 10[0-2]0
destination-pattern [89][1-9].......
port 0/1/1

dial-peer voice 14 pots

  description company Y
  answer-address 11[0-2]0
  destination-pattern [89][1-9].......
port 0/1/0

Is the pots dial peer here based on preference or is it matched based on the calling number ex. 1100.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: H323 Dial Peer matching based on ANI.

This is asked often. See:

It is also possible to achieve the same by using COR instead that number manipulation. In either case, the key concept is matching ANI via "answer-address" on incoming voip DP.

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