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H323 gateway and calls to remote sites across IP

i have a callmanager with 2 H323 gateways all co located on one site. The codec in use for all call is G711. I am going to implement a 2 Mbps X21 leased line to a remote site with 10 cisco ip phones. I'm setting the phones in a new located and region within callmanger. I only want calls going across the wan link to be G729. I wondering if the h323 gateways will send calls across to the remote phones using g711? or do they negotiate the codec with the phone. I'm ok with the ip phone to phone connections as this is controlled by callmanager.


Re: H323 gateway and calls to remote sites across IP

This depends on what you set on the dial-peers for each remote site on the h323 gateway. You can always set the codec command under dial-peers to control what codec you want to use. In situations wehre you need to use both codec, you can prioritize codecs used for negotiation using codec class. You define a codec class in global config mode and then apply the codec class to the dial peer. Codec class is a list of prioritized codecs to use for negotiation.



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Re: H323 gateway and calls to remote sites across IP

thanks for the info.

if i use the codec class command, does this interact with the region set on the phone. i want some ddi call going to local extension to use G711 and all calls going to remote phones to use G729. Will i have to put the H323 gateway into a region, so i can utilise the matix for codec use? Also music on hold for remote phones will this auto use the required codec based on the location?

sorry about all the questions, bu thanks for your reply.

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