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H323 gateway and dial peers

I am running CCM 4.1

We have a remote office with 4 analog lines connect to the routers FXO ports.

THis site uses these 4 lines for local calling only.

We have this gateway setup as a H323 gateway in call manager

problem - When all 4 lines fill up the next call will get a busy signal. If they put the area code in it works because it will get routed out the corp office.

I creted a remote route list with two groups. group 1 = local 4 pots

group 2 = corp long distance.

Now I setup this list for primary is group 1 and then if it goes to group two it will append the area code and use the corp one. This is not happening (the using of the second group)

I think its because this is a H323 gateway and call manager isnt controling it.

Would I correct this with dial peers.

I currently have [2-9]...... setup 4 times with presidence 1-4. <-- these are POTS dial-peers

Would I create a voip dial-peer with [2-9]...... and set it with a presedence of 5 ?

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Re: H323 gateway and dial peers

Try changin CM service parameter "stop routing on user busy flag" to FALSE and see if that helps you.


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Re: H323 gateway and dial peers

not hat didnt work. I got it working by doing the following

dial-peer 100 voice pots

dest-pat [2-9]......

port 0/1/0

prefer 0

dial-peer 150 voice pots

dest-pat [2-9]......

port 0/1/1

prefer 1

dial-peer 200 voice voip

dest-pat [2-9]......

target session - call manager

prefer 2

then on call manager i added a route pattern for that gateway's css [2-9]XXXXXX and i sent it out the corp pri with the proper area codes appended.

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