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H323 gateway Trunk (PRI) Utilization report - CUCM 3.3

Hi Team,

My client wants to have a report of PRI trunk utilization report which connected on Cisco Router. Here my snapshot of CUCM setup:

CUCM (3.3) ---- H323 Gateway (Cisco Router 3725) with VWIC Module (PRI).

Please let me know if there is any way to pull out the trunk utilization report.

Your support will be deeply appreciated.



Cisco Employee

Re: H323 gateway Trunk (PRI) Utilization report - CUCM 3.3

Hi Nirmal 

As per your question, please take a look at the following Document at: 

Now i am assuming that you have a single PRI terminating at the gateway. You can use the reports that are generated under "CDR Analysis and Reporting". You have to install a plugin available on the call manager itself. Follow the steps to install the plug in  

Step 1 Open Cisco CallManager Administration by choosing Start > Programs > Cisco CallManager > CallManager Administration and log in with administrative privileges. 

Step 2 From the Applications menu, choose Cisco CallManager Serviceability. 

Step 3 From the Applications menu in the Cisco CallManager Serviceability window, choose Install Plugins. 

Step 4 Click the icon next to the CDR Analysis and Reporting (CAR) plugin. 

Step 5 Choose whether you want to run the program from its current location or to save the program to disk. 

Note CAR must be installed only on the Cisco CallManager publisher that has the CDR database. 

Step 6 Click OK. 

Note CAR does not install the Cisco Tomcat web server; but uses the Cisco Tomcat service installed by Cisco CallManager, so the Cisco Tomcat service should be running. While installing/uninstalling CAR, other applications using the Cisco Tomcat service will not be accessible because CAR installation/uninstallation stops this service for a while.  

Now when its done make sure you have the following parameters checked and the mentioned services running. 1). Under CDR Service Parameters , enable the "CDREnabled" parameter on all the servers.

2). Make sure that the under Control Center CiscoCDRInsert service is active.  Now coming to the reports, you can generate reports with the following details  •Gateway detail  •Gateway summary  •Gateway utilization  •Route group utilization  •Route list utilization  •Route pattern utilization  (please see the above link for more details) 

Hope this helps!! 

P.S: The reports might not be that detailed or may not suit your needs but there are software's in the market that can generate customize reports.


Tapan Dutt

New Member

Re: H323 gateway Trunk (PRI) Utilization report - CUCM 3.3

Tapan appreciate your quick support.

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