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H323 GW PRI to Adtran Atlas 800

Curious if anyones configured T1 PRI back to back

with a Adtran Atlas 800?  Im using

T1 crossover, Layer 1 is active.  Looks like Im fighting aprotocol problem.  I am set to network.

L2 status is TEI Unassigned.



Re: H323 GW PRI to Adtran Atlas 800

Either the Atlas or the gateway will need to be configured to generate clock for the line.  That is the physical layer, which (based on your post) you have handled.  The next step is to make sure that one of the devices is emulating the network while the other side is a "user" on the network.  The Atlas can emulate the network.  It has been a while so I don't recall the exact procedures.




HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: H323 GW PRI to Adtran Atlas 800

Thanks for the info.  Would you expect to see Multiple Frame Established?  I've also heard that I might need a standard T1 cable, rather than a Crossover, b/c one side is network.  Thoughts are appreciated.  The GW is configured for network, and clocking is internal.  Still looking at TEI_Unassigned.

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Re: H323 GW PRI to Adtran Atlas 800


If you are configuring the Cisco GW as the network side, it still needs a crossover (unless the other box does something clever) - the pinout for the port is still a 'user' side pinout, and that's what the crossover fixes.

You have L1 up, so that proves it...

If it is the Cisco that you want as network, your config should be:

Controller t1 x/x/x

Clock source internal

Pri-group timeslots 1-24

! also need to verify/match up your framing/encoding with the other end

Interface serial x/x/x:15

Isdn switch-type

isdn protocol-emulate network



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