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H323 in MGCP gateways


I'm having trouble with a MGCP gw in Austria while receiving call from germany. I went through the forum and find many topic about the same issue (digit are missing from telco when call manager route teh call) and so I find many way to solve it:

-isdn overlap-receiving T302 20000

- Translation rules

My question is, is it possible to do insert h323 command lines within a MGCP control gw ? Do these command line will be taken into account ?

Thanks for your help


Re: H323 in MGCP gateways

Hi Luc,

Some of the commands will take. The gateway locally controls the ISDN Q.921, so if you decide to change the switchtype there may be some changes seen.

If you simply remember that the gateway never really 'sees' the content of any ISDN Q.931, it will help you realize that most H323 commands will not take effect. It can't do translation or mappings because the numbers are sent directly to CUCM. The timers aren't determined by the gateway because CUCM is the one that sends the disconnect and such.

So in short, no. The H323 commands will not do anything.



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Re: H323 in MGCP gateways


Thanks so I explain my issue:

-All user have 2 digit extension lets say '55'

-The full DID is '150695'+extension '55'

In Austria when you don't dial the called extension you should reach the operator.

So I made 2 translations pattern:

1/150695->go to operator number

2/150695XX->go to end user

But when a guy from germany called,the relco don't send instantly the digit,he used overlap sending so I'm not receiving a block digit but the full did 150695 and then the last two digit one by one.

But the CCM does not wait and match the Translation pattern directly and thus go to the operator!! When its closed people cannot receive call.

So is there any way to make the CCM wait longer ? The T302 timer is set to 8sec and its a global parameters and I have all MGCP gw, so change it on CCM will impact all the other GW!!

Thanks very much for your help


Re: H323 in MGCP gateways

Hi Luc,

The T302 timer is specific to overlap sending only. If this is your only gateway doing overlap sending you will be able to change the CUCM service parameter safely.

If this is not the case, you would need to switch to H323 so that you can change this timer only for this gateway.



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Re: H323 in MGCP gateways


Thanks for your answer

So overlap sending and overlap receiving timer are the same ? It seems yes cause I just need to change the overlap receiving one.



Re: H323 in MGCP gateways

The T302 timer is what I was referring to. Technically I don't believe there is an 'overlap sending' timer. That would be defined by the T302 timer on the receiving side, for overlap receiving.


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