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Handling Multiple Queued Calls in UCCX


From what I read and researched Agents can be assigned 2 lines

1.  primary line

2. IPCC line (Contact Centre)


On the primary line they can make and receive calls but it is NOT linked to the contact centre.

The IPCC line is the line that the UCCX interact with. This line, once actively on a call will have the agent in a "not ready" state.


On the other hand, if they are handling a call on the primary line, the uccx wouldn’t know and will still send calls to the IPCC line.


From what I read I'm not seeing any way to send queue calls to non IPCC line, but I am still not 100% sure if there is a way. Can someone confirm if this is even possible?


i have a customer that asked for this, and i dont see it as possible, but im looking for some sort of documentation to backup the theory.




The contact center only knows

The contact center only knows about the extension assigned as IPCC. You could ask them to handle business calls on the IPCC line instead so they will be skipped over when the call comes in. My particular environment has IPCC line as primary and other extension as secondary.

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What version is your UCCX?

What version is your UCCX? You can use into "Multiline support" to have UCCX monitor the first 4 lines on the phone.

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i have version 10.5

i have version 10.5


so it will be possible to handle queued calls with these lines?

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See SRND for multiline

See SRND for multiline support:

This is for CAD only at this point, Finesse does not work with multiline yet.

Multiple Lines Support

Cisco Unified CCX provides multiple line support using the 6900/7900/8900/9900 series phones as agent devices. The Join Across Line (JAL) and Direct Transfer Across Line (DTAL) operations are supported on the 7900/8900/9900 series phones. Up to 4 lines are monitored by Cisco Unified CCX, these include 1 ACD line and 3 non-ACD lines but only the ACD line can be controlled from the agent desktop. The agent state depends only on the ACD line on the agent's device.

Cisco Unified CCX allows more than four lines to be configured on the agent device but monitors only the first four lines provided these lines are not shared. The ACD line should be among the first four lines. The Agent can perform JAL and DTAL operations for the ACD call only by using the monitored lines

Calls on the non-ACD lines can be displayed on Cisco Agent Desktop. Supervisors can also monitor, record, intercept and barge-in on all calls or only ACD calls, depending on configuration.





I agree with Michael.  That

I agree with Michael.  That is the most common way I have seen contact center agent lines deployed as well.  Line one is their IPCC extension and line two is their personal line.


Can you elaborate on what the customer is trying to accomplish by having calls route to non IPCC lines?


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