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Handset Frequency Range

We recently purchased two 7975's and the handsets are different than our 7940's and 7960's. There seems to be a lack of higher pitch. The call volume is good and the clarity is there it just sounds like a more narrow range. I know this sounds petty but I have a few users that would balk at this immediately.

We RMA'd the handsets and I got back one that was the old style and one that was the new.

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Re: Handset Frequency Range

Thats odd.

The 7975 support G722 and has improved acoustics design on the Speakerphone and handsets. We recently acquired a number of 7945s and I find that the improved acoutic design makes the sound superb, even without using G722 codec. Having a phone converstation with another 7945 user sounded like I was talking to a person right next to me.

Even calls to the PSTN sounded a tad more natural.

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Re: Handset Frequency Range

Hi Rusty,

Just thought I would add the reference doc to the good info from Jeffrey. (+5 points here Jeffrey :)

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G Q & A


Q. What is wideband? What are the advantages?

A. Wideband audio expands the available spectrum for voice communications from the standard PSTN range of approximately 300-3300 Hz to approximately 150-7000 Hz.The increased spectrum/frequency response leads to greater voice clarity, intelligibility, "richness," and less listener fatigue.

Hope this helps!


PS: you really need to use the "new" handsets with this IP Phone model.

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Re: Handset Frequency Range

I'm not sure when we will enable G722 but I will try and get used to the new handsets. Other than the handset difference I agree the 7975 is superior.

Thanks for the responses, Rusty

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