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Hard of Hearing usage with IP phones


I have a couple of issues with phones for the hard of hearing. One phone is a requirment for a text phone to hang off an ATA. Currently the one we have from the old phone system will not work through the ATA and secondly need the requirment of phone with a high volume earpiece (the 7900 series phones are not loud enough) so again need to use phone hanging off an ATA. The customers old system phones does not work with the ATA either(didnt think they would anyway but confirmed it). So looking for recomendations for A) a text phone and B) phone with a high volume earpiece

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Re: Hard of Hearing usage with IP phones

I had a similar question from a user at my organization. please read this exellent post that Rob sent me.

Your user is probably referring to the ELI (Ear Level Instument) which can work with any Bluetooth enabled device, it was invented to work with Mobile phones that don't have the same built-in compatabilty that Landline phones do. Have a look at the tech pdf for an excellent description;

A Time magazine Coolest Invention, ELI lets hearing aid wearers go wireless

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn.(November 15, 2005)Starkey Laboratories, one of the worlds leading hearing technology companies, today introduced ELI (Ear Level Instrument), the first-ever device that turns hearing aids into wireless headsets. A Bluetooth-enabling device, ELI is the only product of its kind designed to provide wireless connections between hearing aid wearers and the growing assortment of Bluetooth-compatible devices. The innovative new product is currently profiled in Time magazines Coolest Inventions issue.

Our mission at Starkey is not only to research, design and develop hearing devices that improve virtually any hearing impairment but to actually improve the lives of those who are hearing impaired, said Jerry Ruzicka, president of Starkey Laboratories. ELI is a shining example of this as it is the first product of its kind to eliminate the interference hearing instrument wearers encounter when using portable devices like cell phones. In essence, ELI offers the hearing impaired the ability at long last to be wireless.

From this doc;



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Re: Hard of Hearing usage with IP phones

Hi Paul/Jason,

We have a number of "hearing impaired" users here, and have used the Walker amplifier quite successfully. With this amplifier connected you don't need a separate handset just use the standard Cisco handset that was shipped with the phone. This is also a very cost effective solution. Have a look;

You might also want to look into these products for TTY use;

TextNet TTY from HITEC Group International. TextNet turns desktop PCs into TTY devices, enabling the business to give TTY and text callers equal access to the benefits and capabilities of a voice-based system.

NXi: Advanced Text Communications for the Hearing Impaired

NXi Telephony Services (NTS) complements the Cisco IP Communications solution to provide advanced text communications over IP networks, transforming the PC into a TTY device for sending and receiving messages.

Using the NTS client software on a PC, TTY users can take advantage of a visual interface to dial extensions and other phone numbers, use the computer keyboard to type TTY messages, and read them on the computer monitor. NTS also provides automated attendant, interactive voice response (IVR), and messaging options such as e-mail, fax, alpha paging, and instant messaging services.

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Re: Hard of Hearing usage with IP phones


Many thanks for your support. I will look into everything that Jason and youself have highlighted. Thanks guys you have been very helpful


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