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Has Anyone Successfully Deployed Unity Connection Across the WAN ?

Hi all,

I am looking into deploying Unity Connection  7.x with a Pub and a Sub connecting across a WAN link. I've gone  through Cisco design doc regarding Unity Connection cluster requirements  and the requirement is rediculous. Cisco wants a 50MB link with a  round-trip of 20ms or less for a 48-voiceport deployment which is what I  have. I am wondering if anyone has done any Unity Connection deployment  over a 45MB DS3 connection with a round-trip of under 40ms successfully  !!! Does anyone know the reasons with the strict requirements ? Thanks  in advance !!! I appreciate any inputs/suggestions !!!



Re: Has Anyone Successfully Deployed Unity Connection Across the

Same answer as your duplicate post (not needed BTW) in the UC Forum:

The reasons for the requirements  are likely tied to a few things.  My thoughts:

With Connection clustering,  each server plays a specific role.  The Publisher should primarily  handle database, web, and IMAP connections and be a secondary for call  processing.  The Subscriber should primarily only take calls.  So, you  would be essentially piping all of your voicemail calls across the WAN  for at least one or more sites - so you would need to take this call  volume into account and you need to account for the CODEC being used as  well as QoS there.  If you misconfigure the ports and failover for line  groups, the HA redundancy does not function properly so keeping calls to  a site may cause more problems than anything else.

Replication.   Due to the HA nature of the Connection cluster, everything is  replicated almost immediately between servers. If you login to the Pub  and make a change, it is replicated to the Sub.  If you make a change in  the Sub, it is replicated to the Pub.  So, again - these are  transactions that would start to take away bandwidth depending on how  active you are with changes - not just administratively, but letting end  users handle changes from within PCA as well.

Digital Networking.  Connection  doesn't really have a clustering over the WAN model.  Instead, you'll  note that it's distinctively referred to as deploying servers within  different buildings.  Essentially, Connection is designed to be a  localized solution where you can deploy across buildings or possibly  high-speed MAN but not really the typical WAN, persay.  However, you can  configure digital networking for up to 10 nodes (7x).  When you do  this, each site has a local VM system but you can network them together  to "appear" almost like one large cluster.  When you do this, SMTP is  used for networking between clusters.

So, here's the bottom line - if you  want support from Cisco, i.e., you want to be able to call TAC then you  need to fit within the parameters given.  Does that mean that deploying  across the WAN won't work?  Not necessarily but it's not supported and  typically for good reason.  Call volume, replication, and web operations  could hog up more bandwidth than you expect and suddenly no one is  happy.


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