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Have a 7941 stuck in upgrade reboot

I have a brand new out of the box 7941 that I want to use on my CCME 2811. It boots to the inital Cisco splash page and then goes to an upgrading screen that I have never seen before. From there (6 secs or so) get the Cisco splash screen with a bullseye in lower left corner and reboots serveral minutes later. It continues in this loop indefinitely.

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Re: Have a 7941 stuck in upgrade reboot

Hi Alexander,

It almost sounds like you might be missing the Firmware files for the 7941;

Phone Firmware Files

Phone firmware files provide code to enable phone displays and operations. These files are specialized for each phone type and protocol, SIP or SCCP, and are periodically revised. You must be sure to have the appropriate phone firmware files for the types of phones, protocol being used, and Cisco Unified CME version at your site.

New IP phones are shipped from Cisco with a default manufacturing SCCP image. When a IP phone downloads its configuration profile, the phone compares the phone firmware mentioned in the configuration profile with the firmware already installed on the phone. If the firmware version differs from the one that is currently loaded on the phone, the phone contacts the TFTP server to upgrade to the new phone firmware and downloads the new firmware before registering with Cisco Unified CME.

Generally, phone firmware files are included in the Cisco Unified CME software archive that you download. They can also be posted on the software download website as individual files or archives.

In later versions, the following conventions are used:

SCCP firmware-P003xxyyzzww, where x represents the major version, y represents the major subversion, z represents the maintenance version, and w represents the maintenance subversion.

SIP firmware-P0S3-xx-y-zz, where x represents the major version, y represents the minor version, and z represents the subversions.

The third character in a filename-Represents the protocol, "0" for SCCP or "S" for SIP.

For Java-based IP phones, such as the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911, 7941, 7941GE, 7961, 796GE, 7970, and 7971, the firmware consists of multiple files including JAR and tone files. All of the firmware files for each phone type must be downloaded the TFTP server before they can be downloaded to the phone.

The following example shows a list of phone firmware files that are installed in flash memory for the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911:

tftp server-flash:SCCP11.7-2-1-0S.loads

tftp server-flash:term06.default.loads

tftp server-flash:term11.default.loads

tftp server-flash:cvm11.7-2-0-66.sbn

tftp server-flash:jar11.7-2-0-66.sbn

tftp server-flash:dsp11.1-0-0-73.sbn

tftp server-flash:apps11.1-0-0-72.sbn

tftp server-flash:cnu11.3-0-0-81.sbn

However, you only specify the filename for the image file when configuring Cisco Unified CME. For Java-based IP phones, the following naming conventions are used for image files:

SCCP firmware-TERMnn.xx-y-z-ww or SCCPnn.xx-y-zz-ww, where n represents the phone type, x represents the major version, y represents the major subversion, z represents the maintenance version, and w represents the maintenance subversion.

The following example shows how to configure Cisco Unified CME so that the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911 can download the appropriate SCCP firmware from flash memory:

Router(config)# telephony-service

Router(config-telephony)#load 7941 SCCP41.7-2-1-0S

Step 1 Go to

Step 2 Select the file to download.

Step 3 Download zip file to tftp server.

Step 4 Use the zip program to extract the file to be installed, then:

a. If the file is an individual file, use the copy command to copy the files to router flash:

Router# copy tftp://x.x.x.x/P00307020300.sbn flash:

b. If the file is a tar file, use the archive tar command to extract the files to flash memory.

Router# archive tar /xtract source-url flash:/file-url

Step 5 Verify the installation. Use the show flash: command to list the files installed in in flash memory.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Have a 7941 stuck in upgrade reboot

Thanks Rob. Have just left the office and will try it out in the AM.

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Re: Have a 7941 stuck in upgrade reboot

Took a little while to figure out which download but it did the trick. Thanks

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