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New Member

HELP: 8945 SIP to SCCP

I have 8945 SIP phones shipped with firmware SIP9-3-4. Compatibility with CME 9.1-10.0 shows they need 9-2-2 and I'd like to switch to SCCP. Anyone have the procedure for this? The 8945s seem to completely ignore the SCCP loads I have on the ISR. I have the firmware loaded, the paths set, and the device load specified, the DHCP 150/TFTP set and the device reflects this.


I have a case with TAC, but I think the SE on the case is a bit green.







Brian, Have you tried



Have you tried following this link:-

Hope this helps



Regards, Alex. Please rate useful posts.
New Member

Thanks Alex. I had tried the

Thanks Alex. I had tried the procedure but no luck. There's another thread on this topic and all they say is to upgrade the IOS ... but they don't specify a version.  (

I'm running 15.2(4)M6 (upgraded from 15.2(4)M5), but that doesn't help. Still waiting on TAC .. which is like watching grass grow.





New Member

Okay, problem solved. I had

Okay, problem solved. I had to switch TAC engineers as the first guy was spinning his wheels. SE#2 solved the problem in less than 5 minutes. Lost three days waiting patiently for this. But I digress...


Here's the solution:

In short the TFTP-Server paths needed to be updated with an alias.

We changed my TFTP entries from this:

tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin1.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin2.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin3.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin4.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin5.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin6.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin7.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin8.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.loads
tftp-server flash:/BOOT894x.0-0-0-9.bin.sgn

tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin1.sgn alias SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin1.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin2.sgn alias SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin2.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin3.sgn alias SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin3.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin4.sgn alias SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin4.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin5.sgn alias SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin5.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin6.sgn alias SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin6.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin7.sgn alias SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin7.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin8.sgn alias SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.bin8.sgn
tftp-server flash:/SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.loads alias SCCP894x.9-2-2-0.loads
tftp-server flash:/BOOT894x.0-0-0-9.bin.sgn alias BOOT894x.0-0-0-9.bin.sgn

The 8945 phones immediately upgrade (or downgraded I should say) from SIP 9-3-4 to SCCP 9-2-2, and are now happily registered to CME.


Hope this helps someone down the road...