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Help Pls, How to 7911/7941/7961 load in CME?

-2851, 12.4(11)T1

-CME 4.0(2)

I have clock issue (not sync form 2851 router) in 7911/7941/7961 IP phone (java based) and expect resolving by firware update but don't know how to configure in CME. please guide me how to configure in each IP phones in CME.

I downloaded the following files,

















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Re: Help Pls, How to 7911/7941/7961 load in CME?

i think you need to also specify the following

1. tftp-server flash: "the phone load"

do this for the three phone loads.

2. under telephony-service:

load "phone type" "phone load"

reboot the phone and it should get the new phone load

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Re: Help Pls, How to 7911/7941/7961 load in CME?

Several types code available when I navigate the IP phone such as firmware, java, appl and so on.. I guess the clock issue is controlled by firmware which listed in the first entry (Setting, 6=Status, 3=firmware).

Can I configure as follows to upgrade the firmware only.

tftp-server flash:SCCP41.8-0-4SR2S.loads

tftp-server flash:SCCP11.8-2-1S.loads



load 7911GE SCCP11.8-2-1S

load 7911 SCCP11.8-2-1S

load 7941GE SCCP41.8-0-4SR2S

load 7941 SCCP41.8-0-4SR2S

load 7961GE SCCP41.8-0-4SR2S

load 7961 SCCP41.8-0-4SR2S

'SCCP41xxx.load' file only from the downloaded file. Is it okay use this file for 7961?

Adviase please,

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Re: Help Pls, How to 7911/7941/7961 load in CME?


you need to copy and configure with tftp-server ALL the files to router flash, except termXX.default.loads that is needed only when the phone is reset to factory.

7941 & 7961 use the same firmware files.

If possible please try to use 8.2(2)SR1 because the releases you mentioned still have many bugs not fixed.


Re: Help Pls, How to 7911/7941/7961 load in CME?

just a link to the phone load for cme (4). i think you have all the info there to proceed.

al;so the basic reading on uploading firmware

finally, as paolo said try the newer release. (not too sure if this is what you were experiencing)

but i think you have everything there already

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