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Help Required for This Topolgy : IP Phones--switch---cme4.0---WAN(IPLC)---c

Hi all

We have two locations, Location(A) with 2801 ( voice ios, pvdm 2-8, cme 4.0 plus few 7940 and anolog phones with ATA )and other location (B) with 2811 voice bundle , CCME 4.0 , no pvdm present, 2 #'s of 4 fxo ports, ie 8 fxo ports connected to pstn) .

Our objective is to receive calls from location (B)'s PSTN users , to land onto location ( A) IP phones, and Location A should callout to location ( B) PSTN users.

We were successful in receiving call from Location(B), but we are not able to call out to Location (B).

Pl. find the config of both the routers. And suggest us the missing commands to be incorporated in the routers, to achieve the desired results.

Desired results:

1.location(A) Users should call thru their IP phones to PSTN Numbers located in USA.

2.From USA PSTN users will call on the number which is connected to Router-B 's FxO ports where PSTN line is terminated. There are 8 line terminated on this Router on FxO ports.

3. When PSTN users from USA tries to call on the PSTN # connected to Router-B it should forward the call to Location-A ie. Router-A which is connected via 512 kbps IPLC. it should have all the features longest-idle etc.

Im sure some major thing is missing in my routers config. Pl. let us know the required command to achive the desired Results. some part of the config is created thru cisco 's QCT. Also let me know unwanted commands in this configration so that I can delete.

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Re: Help Required for This Topolgy : IP Phones--switch---cme4.0-

dial-peer voice 1 pots

destination-pattern .T

port X/Y/Z

you need to specify the voice port for your pots dial-peer.

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Re: Help Required for This Topolgy : IP Phones--switch---cme4.0-

Thanks for response and commands.

Pl. let me know on which router i Have to add these cmds. I think it should be on Router-B since voice-ports are there on this router.

Topology is like this.

IP Phones--switch---cme4.0---WAN---cme4.0---fxo----pstn.



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