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Help troubleshoot sip traffic


I have a problem with a small IP telephony system (sip) and i'm using a cisco 881 router as router/firewall.

The problem is that sometimes you can not call in. It happens only occasionally and when it does our ip phone provider says that there is no response from our ip phone/switch back to them on the internet.

We have an ip-phone/switch-device on our local network. We we receive calls they are first routed to our ip phone provider which then sends it to us.

It can work 20 times and then it is a call that can not get to us.

How should I start debugging? Is there any logging for SIP traffic so I can send logs to a syslog server?

Thanks for any suggestions.


Help troubleshoot sip traffic

So if was troubleshooting this the first question I would ask would be is this a new set up or something that was working fine and is now having problems.

If new set up post the configs and strip out passwords.

If was working and you now have problems start running debugs to see if you can isolate issue.

SIP Debug Commands that Support Output Filtering

  • debug ccsip all
  • debug ccsip calls
  • debug ccsip events
  • debug ccsip messages
  • debug ccsip preauth
  • debug ccsip states
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Help troubleshoot sip traffic

What type on infrastructure do you have? CUCM or CCME? Whats your call flow like can you describe it? Depending on your call flow you either use debugs or cucm traces.

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