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Help with 1761 and Exchange 07 UM

We are running into a problem where incoming callers are getting voicemail prompts before they hit the exchange autoattendant.

Currently all incoming calls are hitting extension 100 (receptionist). If no answer after 15 seconds, We have it callforward to 211 (Exchange Auto Attendant). Well, before they hit the auto attendant they are getting treated like "subscribers" and getting asked to enter their extension and then PIN number.

For troubleshooting purposes we decided to forward all incoming calls directly to 211. With this configuration, they are not getting treated as "subscribers" and do not get the voicemail prompt. Unfortunately, this is not a viable solution because the receptionist needs to answer the calls.

Because Call Manager is forwarding from 100 to 211, Exchange thinks the call is a subscriber call when it really is not. Is there anyway in the router configuration to strip the extension 100 from the forwarded call and retain the originating callerid information so that exchange sees it as an external call when it hits extension 211. Thank you all in advance for your help.



Re: Help with 1761 and Exchange 07 UM

The CallManager will work as default unless you change the redirecting ID to be the originating so that the originators Caller ID is sent.

Any outbound call on a gateway can send directory number information.

This field determines which directory number is sent. Change Calling Party Selection to "originator" in CallManager configuration.

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