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Help with Call Handler



I'm trying to set up a call handler that allows a caller to enter a direct extension to transfer to (all of them exist in Unity), or, if they don't enter an extension, roll through about 20 extensions until someone answers.


Conceptually I see it this way:

Caller doesn't enter an extension, they get automatically transferred to x2401. No one answers 2401, it rolls to 2402. No one answers 2402, it rolls to 2403, etc, and when they reach the end (2420), it tries again at 2401,  then 2402, etc, in an unending loop until someone answers.

Alternatively, caller DOES enter an extension, they get routed directly to that extension/voicemail.


I'm using CUCM 7.1.5 and Unity Connection 8.5.1.


Any help that could be provided would be great.

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Call handler by default will

Call handler by default will let you dial an extension during greeting, if it does not exist in CUC, but in CUCM check 



Set a line group, hunt list hunt pilot in CUCM for the calls to go thru N number of extensions

Create another call handler, set transfer settings to ring at the hunt pilot DN

On first call handler, after greeting action to attempt transfer to the above call handler.


If the number they enter exists in CUC, whether they ring the phone, or end up directly in VM, depends on the transfer settings of each subscriber.



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 We are needing some


We are needing some additional help in getting the things set up that was suggested above.  Could anyone provide some step by step instructions on how to get those set up correctly.  This is our first attempt on getting a phone tree set up that is this detailed.  Any help would be appreciated.

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 I m assuming you are


I m assuming you are receiving a call via PRI


Step 1 : You are required to create Translation Pattern, CTI route point, Call Handler, Hunt Pilot, Hunt List, Line group.


imagine the DID number is 12345678 which the outside person dialing the number to reach you.

1. Check the Inbound call routing in the gateway endpoint / SIP trunk (Check the significant digits) here i m taking last 4 digits as significant digits

2. Create Translation pattern 5678 with the appropriate partition and the CSS and mapp it to the CTI route point

3. Assuming 9999 is DN for CTI route point, Check the forward all Voice mail in the line page.

4. Create a call handler in unity connection with the number 9999 same as CTI route point.

5. Block all the digit user input during the greeting and  configure the transfer rule to the number 8888 (Hunt Pilot)

6. Create a hunt pilot, hunt list and the line group, add all the required DNs in sequense

7. Then configure the Forward Hunt No Answer to Voice mail pilot number with CSS.

8. Add the alternate extension in any one of the phones voice mail box.


Let me know if any 

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