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Help with CCM and Unity Upgrade from 4.0 (Vsphere?) No UCS

Can you run and get support for a Vsphere implementation of CCM 8.0.2 and unity running on vsphere without having to purchase MCS hardware or UCS?

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Re: Help with CCM and Unity Upgrade from 4.0 (Vsphere?) No UCS

No, you need to meet the requirements from the SRND in order to get support from Cisco

Blade Server

The virtual Cisco Unified Communications application must run on a Cisco B-Series half-width blade server (B200 M1) with Converged Network Adapter. One B200 M1 blade can host two quad-core CPUs. This gives a total of eight CPU cores available to applications.

Cisco Unified Communications applications should be run on dedicated blades that are not running any non-Unified Communications applications. Each Unified Communications application should be allotted dedicated processing, storage, and connectivity resources, so that the resources are not oversubscribed.


The VMware ESXi 4.0 (or later) Hypervisor is required to run virtual Unified Communications applications. Unified Communications applications must follow the respective guidelines for their virtual machine template and configuration.

VMware vCenter is not mandatory but strongly recommended to manage multiple ESXi hosts for a large deployment.

SAN and Storage Arrays

Unified Communications applications require access to the remote storage array to be over Fiber Channel (FC). The iSCSI, NAS, and DAS protocols are not supported to run Unified Communications applications on virtual servers. The storage array must be compatible with the VMware hardware compatibility list. The option for ESXi boot from SAN is also not supported.



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Re: Help with CCM and Unity Upgrade from 4.0 (Vsphere?) No UCS

The answer for Unity (not Unity Connections) is actually 'yes'. Unity was the brave soul prior to the Cisco UCS launch and does support third-party VMware ESX hosts. There is a design guide and it is very precise in the design requirements for support. The document appears to be partner-only access though:

For every other Cisco UC application the answer will be: someday but not today.

Re: Help with CCM and Unity Upgrade from 4.0 (Vsphere?) No UCS

Sorry friend, the answer is no.  This would not be supported.


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