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Help with route pattern

I have a situation where local calling is available across more than one area code. Only some exchanges in the neighboring area code are local while others are not. I know how to create a route patterns for each individual exchange but I would like to create a pattern that would match a set of exchanges if possible. The problem is the exchanges are not sequential and do not follow a pattern that lends itself easily to wild cards. Is it possible to create set to compare [303,567,498,613] ?


Re: Help with route pattern

You could use a 9.@ but use a route filter that 303,567,498,613 only exists. This way you can have multiple 9.@ in different partitions that route to only specific area codes.

Here is a link that you can read about route filters



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Re: Help with route pattern

I see in the router filter where you can specify both an area code and an office code which is what I am looking for, but I am trying to create as few filters as possible to match against. It doesn't appear that you can put a string of office codes seperated by a comma or other delimiter for the filter to validate against. The number of office codes (or exchanges) to compare can get fairly large (over 50) from any given gateway.

Re: Help with route pattern

You can do this by linking route filters together. So you can have one 9.@ and multiple route filter tied together using the or statement.

This will work for what you want to do.


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