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Hide my extension number


I have a CallManager 6.1 and I want to hide my extension number to the other phones of my voice network.

I use Extension Mobility with Device Profile.

I done the following configuration:

I created a new Partition and after I created a CSS and attached this Partition. I created a Translation Pattern with the next configuration:

- Translation pattern 67129

- Partion created before

- CSS created before

- In calling party transformation y set calling party transformation mask to XXXXX to hide the number, too, calling name ID and calling name presentations are restricted.

- In the device phone I configured the correct Partition and CSS. And in the Line 1 Device a set the Display (Internal Caller ID) in blank, too, ASCII Display (Internal Caller ID) in blank.

- In the Device Profile to use with Extension Mobility I configure the same that in the Device.

After that, I call to the other device and in the called display show Unknown or "Desconocido" but below show the Number of the calling, and the number aren't hide.

Can somebody help me?


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Re: Hide my extension number

Read this to understand how to configure this

Call Display Restrictions



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Re: Hide my extension number

Thanks for the information.

But I have a other problem with that.

After configure the hide extension, I have verified that, I call with this extension and the display in the called show the next text: Unknown and below (61729); the number of the calling.

How can I remove this number to don't appear in the screen on the phone?

Re: Hide my extension number

If I follow the thread, you want to hide the extension number and calling party name for extension 67129 from any internal extension that this phone dials.

The translation pattern you describe in the first post doesn't accomplish this task. You need to use translation patterns that 67129 dials. Not the other way around. In 6.1, Transformation Patterns (which may be what you were thinking of) won't address your need either.

You can test the following out:

Create a Translation Pattern:


Partition: one that your phone can dial directly (e.g. 67130)

CSS: one that points to another phone line on your cluster

In the translation pattern, make sure that "Calling Line ID Presentation" and "Calling Name Presentation" under the "Calling Party Transformations" section are both set to Restricted.

Using the example numbers. From 67129 dial 1#. The call should be presented to extension 67130 as "Private". You will not see the 67129 on the LCD nor will it show in Missed/Received calls.

That tests the "theory", the bigger problem is introducing this type of routing into your particular dial plan so that it can be leveraged by more than one extension. Duplicating patterns and other DP objects to simply block CLID from one phone may not be the wisest move.

So, what you could do is create a translation pattern that is a "feature code" of sorts. That would allow users to "block" CLID by their choosing. You could create a translation like:


Then *68 is the "block my CLID" feature access code followed by 5 digits (assuming you have a uniform dial plan). Just make sure your Restrict the calling party fields (both of them).

You could still use COR configurations to only allow certain folks access to this feature code.




HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: Hide my extension number

Being that CM, I cannot understand much about, but being you from Rob's firm, bust be true stuff, so my rating a '5'.

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