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Hiding real directory number

Hi to all!

I have a specific customer request that some users must have hidden directory number. What this realy means: when user A (lets says real DN is 900) calls user B, user B is not allowed to see real DN of user A. Instead of that, it shows that call is coming from some other, not real number in CUCM (let says it displays number 11222).

I accomplished that by using complicated system of translation patterns, CSS and partitions..and fake number I put in Alerting name and Display (Internal Caller ID) so in first overview...everything works fine (on user B phone is displayed fake number, but that is in real just description in Display and Alerting name fields od Directory Number Configuration).

Problem is in that, when user B go to call history on phone, it shows that call was made from fake number (11222), and if dial that it shows real DN (900) for a second and it dials it so users A phone rings. That is something that is not allowed.

Solution to disable calls from user B to A is not a option. Customer request is that all calls can be done if user B knows real user A number (if user A tell his number to user B), but if user A don't tell his number to user B...user B must not have possibility to reveal real number of user A (and to call him).

Is there any solution for this case? We are replacing old digital PBX that have this possibility, so it is not a option that CUCM can't do this.

System is:

System version: Unrestricted

Thanks in advance,


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Hiding real directory number

Hi Sinisa,

Did you try to set the "Always Display Original Dialed Number" service parameter to TRUE ?

This parameter determines whether phones always display the number that the caller originally dialed (which may not match the final connected number). If Cisco CallManager routes the call from the originally dialed number to the connected number using a call forwarding directive, a translation pattern, route pattern, a redirection by a CTI application, or other means, this parameter determines whether the connected number or the originally dialed number is exposed. Note that when the Conference List feature is invoked, the connected number always displays regardless of the setting in this parameter. Valid values specify True (display the originally dialed number) or False (display the connected number).
  This is a required field.
  Default:  False
New Member

Hiding real directory number

Hi Marina,

yes, that service parameter is set to TRUE.

Hiding real directory number

Hi Sinisa,

     Did you got a finally way to configure the behaviour expected for hiding the directory number when in call?

Kindly regards,

Alexsandro Reimann.

New Member

Hiding real directory number

Hi, Alexsandro...

yes I did, but it was long time ago and I'm not working anymore at company in which we have that I cannot remember what excatly I did

I can look in some documentation if I still have...but I have to search for it or ask former colegues.

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