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High CPU on Publisher


RTMT alerted me that the CCM Pub's CPU was over 90% and that "DBL (80 percent) uses most of the CPU". When looking in the task manager to see which process was responsible for the high utilization, I noticed that I have 9 occurrences of dllhost.exe, is this normal ? Why so many occurrences ? The only events in the event viewer was that 14 phones were deployed using auto-registration. Call process also had a glitch during CPU spike, a few users couldn't have an external line to make a call. So, is it auto-registration that caused high CPU ? Why many occurrences of the dllhost.exe process and what would be the normal/average CPU utilization for a cluster with 1 Pub, 1 TFTP and 4 Subs for over 2000 devices ?

Thanks for helping me sort that out!


Re: High CPU on Publisher

Do you have devices with a lot of unconfigured ports (ATA, VG248, VG224)?

Unconfigured ports trying to register and getting refused by the CCM can spike the CPU.

If this is the case, you could enable autoconfiguration (just temporary) to get rid of this problem.



Re: High CPU on Publisher

..if I would have read your post carefully, I would have noticed that you have autoconfig enabled already...



Re: High CPU on Publisher


Re: High CPU on Publisher

Do the following when this happens:

1. Within Task Manager, identify the PID (process identifier) associated to the


2. Open Component Services (Start/Programs/Administrative Tools).

3. Expand "Component Services" down to "COM+ Applications".

4. Highlight "COM+ Applications".

5. Select "Status View" from the "View" option. In the right-hand pane, the associated PID is listed

to the right of each active COM+ Application. Use these PID's as a direct cross-reference to the PID identified within Task Manager.

This should tell us whats causing the high cpu.



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Re: High CPU on Publisher

What if the process pegging the CPU is sqlservr.exe? Are there any good steps to troubleshoot? I just saw it happen for about 15 minutes. BARS was NOT doing a backup at the time.

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