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Hold/Resume/Transfer Issues CCM 5.0.4 - Urgent

Hi All,

We have been using CCM 5.0.4 since four months below is the call flow topology

IP Phones--CCM-- IP-IP GW - Manage Voip Link --SP

We have purchased VOIP minutes from Service Provider on the manage voip link which basically terminates calls originated from india to US PSTN.

Now this link works on h.323 and works fine for hold/resume/transfer or the matter of fact any thing.

We are trying to integrate backup line with IP IP gateway from different SP which runs on SIP. We have same gateway configured on CCM and on IP IP gateway we are using "allow connections h323 to sip and vice versa" outbound call works fine. however the moment we are putting the call on hold and than resume calls disconnets after 5 secs with no audio and the same is with Transfer option.

I have seen the debugs and from the debugs i see disconnect cause code is 47 which means no resources.

I have doublechecked that we have MRGL which has MRG and which has hardware transcoder, hardware mtp/sw mtp and conference resources as well.

The same MRGL is assigned to the main link which is working fine.

And FYI we dont have MTP required on the gateway level. When we do that hold/resume/transfer button become disable.

There is some configuration which i am missing but i am unable to figure out what i am missing. This is farely simple but its not working for me.

Please help.




Re: Hold/Resume/Transfer Issues CCM 5.0.4 - Urgent

Ok so the new call flow is:

IP Phones- CCM - IP-IP GW - SIP - Manage Voip Link-SP

Could you please paste the IP to IP GW config.

Have you tried adding MTP?

What is the codec being used between CCM and IP-IP GW?

Make sure that in CCM an H323 GW is configured, not an ICT.

Here is a config i used that seems to work ok.

voice call send-alert

voice rtp send-recv


voice service voip

allow-connections h323 to h323

allow-connections h323 to sip

allow-connections sip to h323

allow-connections sip to sip

supplementary-service h450.12



h225 h245-address on-connect

h225 connect-passthru

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Re: Hold/Resume/Transfer Issues CCM 5.0.4 - Urgent


Yes the topology is same as you stated above. I have allocated maximum hardware resources to MTP.

Codec on Ip phones is G729 and codec at SP is also G729. Yes in CCM we have added h323 as gateway not as ICT.

I havent have the above command supplementary-service h450.12 under voice service voip.

Could this be the reason?

I am pasting the relevant configs for your reference.

Please let me know if i am missing on something

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