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host not found on boot

Host not found error on new install, 7942G.  Extension mobility is subscribed on the phone, and works.  When I go into services I am able to log into the phone and bring down the correct profile.  Also able to log out, dial, etc.


However logged in or not, the phone keeps 'searching' for something.  Its like it automatically is going into services and every 30 seconds it says 'host not found' and then looks to be searching again.


All URLs in Enterprise are set to IPs.

Phone is pulling down the 443/8443 URLs in its config

phone display debug shows a "Invalid SCCP message! : Invalid length = 1 - close connection and alarm in future" every 50 seconds, perhaps related?


Network is closed lab, 1 switch, BE6K, phone(s). 


I have reviewed the guides for setting up EM and do not see anything I missed or did different, I have a feeling its a firmware/enterprise setting?  version 10.5 if it matters.


It might be looking for some

It might be looking for some other service other than EM. Check all the service subscribe to this phone.

It will be more helpful if you could collect phone console logs and send it across.




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No other services are

No other services are subscribed on the phone, but all phones have EM added.  I just removed it from a test phone to see if it goes away but wont know for a bit.


I have phone logs attached, TAC does not seeing anything suspicious in them however

Its most likely issue with

Its most likely issue with the firmware , can you do packet capture of phone interface and send across file here.

You can do one more thing is try upgrading firmware on a single 7945G phone and see if that unknown host error resurface.

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Im guessing it might have

Im guessing it might have been firmware as well, as the 'fix' was a factory reset on the phone, no other changes seemed to do anything.


 The log reflects an IDLE URL


The log reflects an IDLE URL that could explain the problem occurring every 30 seconds when the phone is not in use. The log also reflects it points to the Self Provisioning URL, which I am not completely sure if this model phone is supported or not (cant find any documentation quickly on this).  If  the Idle URL field has been cleared from the phone device configuration level, the setting could have been stuck in the phone which could explain the factory default may have cleared it.


Do you have auto-registration turned on? Adding a same model phone (or delete existing phone and allow it to auto register again) with auto-registration may reproduce the issue.

If so remove the IDLE url setting on the auto registration Universal Device profile (or what ever the UDP is used for auto registration) may prevent future occurrences. Also check enterprise settings if there is an entry under IDLE url.

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