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How Can I deliver the calling number and Caller ID to a phone without a DID number



I am going to be deploying CUCME and I have a quick question on functionality.  This will be a very simple implementation, no SIP, and all numbers internally will be extensions with no DID's. Century Link will be delivering PSTN services via PRI.  

Our main number that the public will call goes directly to an Auto Attendant where you can enter an employee extension to reach them.  The thing I want to know is how I can take the calling number along with the caller ID and deliver that to the IP phone even though these phones don't have DID's and just internal extension numbers.

I hope that makes sense!




Let me understand it little

Let me understand it little bit more...e.g. you have ext 2356 in your office and DID number suppose 6694123. if it so, then simply you can make translation rule, translation profile and can apply this to dial-peer or voice-port in cme and can route that call directly to extension.

But in that case you should have enough DID numbers, if N number of DID numbers you have then you can map only N number of extension with DIDs.


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Hi Suresh, Thank you for your

Hi Suresh,


Thank you for your reply.  That is partially correct, yes.  It will be extension 224 and I want incoming number, for example, 5414445674 along with the caller ID to display on the IP phone; the part I am wondering, however, is how this will work or get delivered since all calls get answered first by AutoAttendant and then the caller dials an extension to reach the employee.

Can you plz post the show run

Can you plz post the show run of cme so I can prepare the translation rule for you. Otherwise there must be a translation rule which converting all incoming number to a specific number (of AA). Just you need to break that accordingly or define a extra translation rule for a extension for testing purpose.


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Thank you Suresh. I will be

Thank you Suresh. I will be able to post it once I'm back at the client site and then I'll upload it here. 

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