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How can we identify incoming calls

Hi All

We are using uc500 with unity express. We run 3 small businesses out of one office and would like to be able to answer the phone with the relevent company name i.e. "Good Morning this is ABC Inc.)

Problem is all 3 businesses are coming in on the same pstn number.

What we would like to do is have an automated attendant answer incoming calls on the pstn and offer "press 1 for abc inc., press 2 for rst inc. and press 3 for xyz inc.". All calls will be answered by same people but, ideally, with the correct company name.

Is there any way we can identify which number was chosen from the auto attendant on the handsets before we answer?

Or is there a better way to do this (other than have separate numbers for each business).

I hope I've explained this clearly enough?

Thanks in advance



Re: How can we identify incoming calls

New Member

Re: How can we identify incoming calls

Thanks for the quick response - had a looksie at the link you provided but it's not relevant for me as our incoming calls can originate from anywhere.

Re: How can we identify incoming calls

if u wanna just for example match spicific numbers

for example any number start with 04 go to this AA and any number start with 5 go to other AA number and so on

good luck

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