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How do I get two lines enabled on an analog phone connected to a vic3 4fxs/DID in a 3845 router?

I currently have one line enabled only. I did not do the configuration for that line, and the person who did has left the company. How do I enable the second line? There is no power going to the second line (no lighting of light on phone for line 2) and there are 4 lines in the phone wire.

Thanks for your help

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How do I get two lines enabled on an analog phone connected to a

Could you post the configuration?  Is this an h323 or MGCP gateway? 

The FXS ports won't light up unless the port is active (off-hook) so it may be working.  If I can see the config I should be able to help further.

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How do I get two lines enabled on an analog phone connected to a


    Here is what I currently obtained. Let me know if you need to see more. The light I was talking about is the one on the phone itself. I do take it off hook on both lines. It only lights up and gets dial tone on line 1.

Config data:

voice-port 0/1/0


voice-port 0/1/1


voice-port 0/1/2


voice-port 0/1/3

--More--                           !

voice-port 0/2/0

description Primary Telephone x1000

station-id number 1000

caller-id enable


voice-port 0/2/1

description Secondary Telephone x1001

station-id number 1001

caller-id enable


voice-port 0/2/2

description FAX x1002

station-id number 1002

caller-id enable


voice-port 0/2/3



dial-peer voice 1000 pots

description Primary (Telephone x1000)

destination-pattern 1000

port 0/2/0


dial-peer voice 1001 pots

description Secondary (Telephone x1001)

destination-pattern 1001

port 0/2/1


dial-peer voice 1002 pots

description FAX (FAX x1002)

destination-pattern 1002

port 0/2/2




peer type = voice, system default peer = FALSE, information type = voice,

description = `Primary (Telephone x1000)',

tag = 1000, destination-pattern = `1000',

voice reg type = 0, corresponding tag = 0,

allow watch = FALSE

answer-address = `', preference=0,

CLID Restriction = None

CLID Network Number = `'

CLID Second Number sent

CLID Override RDNIS = disabled,

rtp-ssrc mux = system

source carrier-id = `',          target carrier-id = `',

source trunk-group-label = `',          target trunk-group-label = `',

numbering Type = `unknown'

group = 1000, Admin state is up, Operation state is up,

Outbound state is up,

incoming called-number = `', connections/maximum = 0/unlimited,

DTMF Relay = disabled,

URI classes:

    Destination =

huntstop = disabled,

in bound application associated: 'DEFAULT'

out bound application associated: ''

dnis-map =

permission :both

incoming COR list:maximum capability

outgoing COR list:minimum requirement

Translation profile (Incoming):

Translation profile (Outgoing):

incoming call blocking:

translation-profile = `'

disconnect-cause = `no-service'

advertise 0x40 capacity_update_timer 25 addrFamily 4 oldAddrFamily 4

mailbox selection policy: none

type = pots, prefix = `',

forward-digits default

session-target = `', voice-port = `0/2/0',

direct-inward-dial = disabled,

digit_strip = enabled,

register E.164 number with H323 GK and/or SIP Registrar = TRUE

fax rate = system,   payload size =  20 bytes

supported-language = ''

preemption level = `routine'


    maximum = 64 KBits/sec, minimum = 64 KBits/sec

voice class called-number:

    inbound = `', outbound = `'

dial tone generation after remote onhook = enabled

mobility=0, snr=, snr_noan=, snr_delay=0, snr_timeout=0

Time elapsed since last clearing of voice call statistics never

Connect Time = 260219, Charged Units = 0,

Successful Calls = 0, Failed Calls = 1, Incomplete Calls = 0

Accepted Calls = 70, Refused Calls = 0,

Last Disconnect Cause is "10  ",

Last Disconnect Text is "normal call clearing (16)",

Last Setup Time = 296462640.

Last Disconnect Time = 113618794.


How do I get two lines enabled on an analog phone connected to a


The VIC3-4FXS is intended to support a single phone per port.  While you could technically share the same pair for two phones, this would not be ideal.  The best way to handle this would be to use another port on the card, if available.

You may be thinking of the old VIC-2FXS cards where you could have a line1/line2 on port 0, but I'm not aware of any other card supporting two lines on a single port.

-- -Mark Turpin
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How do I get two lines enabled on an analog phone connected to a

Hi Drew,

This sounds like more of a physical/wiring issue than a config issue (perhaps )

On a two-line analog phone that has a 4-wire cord they usually pin-out as follows (on cord);

Green - Tip line 1

Red - Ring line 1

Black - Tip line 2

Yellow - Ring line 2

So you need to to get the line 2 circuit from the FXS to the cross connect panel & to the jack that the

phone plugs into (probably on the White orange/orange white pair in the jack) this should then connect to the Black/Yellow of the 4-wire line cord to supply line 2 to the phone.

Does this make any sense?



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Cisco Employee

How do I get two lines enabled on an analog phone connected to a

A quick way to test this is to take the device that is connected to the "working" port and try it in the other ports.  See if the problem follows the device or stays with the ports.

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