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how i can configure a recall button on cisco 7962g? we work with an UC500 as central

Hi, the last week it change the way to call in my country (Chile). we configure the UC500 and it works well, but one 7962G cannot use the recall button (that one that allows you to call to the last incoming). When we push it sounds like busy. please help. thanks in advance

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Are you referring to

Are you referring to "CallBack" feature on the phone?

The reason it might be busy is because there are no channels available or it's trying to call a wrong number not modified correctly to send the call out.

Please get the following when pressing the callback key on the phone.

debug voip ccapi inout

debug ephone message

debug ephone detail


Before doing the debug, please do the following so you log it to buffer.

logging buffered 1000000

no console logging

no logging rate-limit

service timestamps debug datetime msec

service sequence

He may just be talking about

He may just be talking about normal Redial functionality.  Probably an issue with the calling number not being formatted correctly to be dialable such as adding the 9 prefix and whatever else may be necessary.

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First of all, thanks to both

First of all, thanks to both of you.

What Brian says is what I did. Here you can see an example: 

Local: Access code 9 | begins with 22[2-5] | number of digits 9, so the dial pattern is 922[2-5]xxxxxx

And this works well for everyone, but the secretary has a button (on the 7962G) that when pressed would call the last incoming call. Finding out, I knew this was configured by a colleague who is no longer with our company, I contacted him and does not remember how or where did this configuration, but it did in the UC500. so I'm looking for that on the web

Can you check the received

Can you check the received calls and see what format the number is coming in?  Might just need to prefix the 9 with a translation-rule.

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