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New Member

How is Common Phone Profile configured in CME (or CLI)?

Hello everyone.

I have 8945 phones configured using SIP, and when attempting to access the Phone administrative menu, it prompts for a password.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what the admin password is.  'cisco' doesn't work.  Neither does 'secret'.

Research indicates this can be configured in the Common Phone profile, but it always mentioned CUCM.  How can this be done with CME?  Or, does it need done via CLI?

Does anyone have an idea regarding what the 8945 default admin password is, or how I can set (reset) using CME/CLI?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.



Cisco Employee

 was this phone used earlier


was this phone used earlier on CUCM, and have you moved this from CUCM to CME now?

if this is the cause you need to plug this phone back to CUCM and reset the password/remove common profile of this Phone from CUCM, you can't reset this old password from CME now.


other than that you can restore the phone to factory default in order to make the password none<blank> and use further on CME.


Nadeem Ahmed






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New Member

Hi Nadeem,Thanks for the

Hi Nadeem,

Thanks for the response.  No, the phone was never used on CUCM.  Unless someone has another idea, I guess I will need to reset to factory default.



Cisco Employee

Hi Jim,I was unable to find

Hi Jim,

I was unable to find any such configuration option for 8945 on CME in the admin guide or any troubleshooting doc. So, looks like Nadeem's suggestion is right. You can try the default password 'cisco' for these phones and see if that works. If the number of phones affected is quite high you may consider opening a TAC case to check if there is any other way out.



Usually you configure a

Usually you configure a username/password under the voice register pool in CME.  Did you try that password?

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