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How many digits can be stored for call forwarding in ccmuser?

We are on Cisco Unified CM version  Our end users can use ccmuser to set up forward all to voicemail.  The question is how many numbers can the system handle?  As far as we can tell it is only 12 digits.  9 (outside line) + 1 + 3digits (area code) + 7 digits (the phone #) for a total of 12.  This seems to work fine except we would also like to dial our long distance access code (3 digits) automatically.  If you hit the call forward all button on the phone (7940\7960) it will only allow 12 digits, there is room for more than 12 digits in ccm user but anything beyond 12 doesn't seem to work.  When we put the ld access code in we get message "you have reached a number that has been disconnected....".  If we leave the ld access code off and dial the #, the call is forwarded to the long distance #, and get the prompt to enter the long distance access code.

Anyway just trying to set this up to foward to a long distance phone # and enter the long distance code automatically.

Thanks for any help.


Re: How many digits can be stored for call forwarding in ccmuser

I am pretty sure it is more than 12. Keep in mind that you need a digit pattern that will match the number your user is trying to call. Also, the CFA CSS configuration for the user line needs to include the partition which holds this pattern you need.

So, look at your dial plan.




HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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