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New Member

how to batch update speed dial number for whole group of users.

I got this question! I have one group of users, all of them have 7960 phones! They have standardized Speed dial number configured in individual phone as following:

1. 8999 Police

2. 8995 Ambulance and SCDF

3. 3177 Security Command Centre

4. 3525 Well-Being Services

Now I want to replace forth number to a new number, do I need to do it individually? Currently I got about 200 phones for this group of users!

Anybody who is expert can help me provide good idea -- Can I do a batch update to save my time?

Thank you!

Nick Ni

New Member

Re: how to batch update speed dial number for whole group of use

Step 1 Start BAT.

Step 2 Click Configure > insert Phone ---> Step 1: Add, view, or modify phone templates

Step 3 From the list of templates, choose the template for which you want to add speed dial(s).

Step 4 Click Update Speed Dial Buttons in the upper, right corner of the window.

A pop-up window displays. In this window, you can designate speed dial buttons for base Cisco IP Phones and "AbbrDial". The number of speed dial buttons available for this template depends on the Phone Button Template in use for this BAT template.

Step 5 In the Speed Dial Settings for Base Phone area, enter the number in the Speed Dial Number fields, including any access or long distance codes.

Step 6 In the Speed Dial Label fields, enter a corresponding label for each speed dial number you entered.

Step 7 Repeat Steps 5 and 6 to set speed dials for another range of numbers

Step 8 Click Update and Close.

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