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How to block a call without a gateway (CUCM7.0) - SR613158341

I'm trying to block an incoming DID # without an gateway. Currently I have my CUCM server with SIP trunks direct to my VOIP vendor.

The vendor does not offer any PBX type of service like blocking numbers. I created a ticket with TAC and they say that it is not possible without an gateway. I would like to know if anyone in the community has any input on how to approach this issue with the CUCM.

Here is my scenario:

CUCM7.0 Publisher

CUCM7.0 Subscriber              ASA FIrewall    ISP Router   CLOUD    ISP VOIP Switch



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Re: How to block a call without a gateway (CUCM7.0) - SR61315834

This has been discussed in the forums already.

But just to be clear, you want to block a DID you own or a number from calling your DIDs?

Create a new PT/CSS just for the gateway.

Place the trunk in that PT/CSS.

Use Translations patterns to block or allow calls from the SIP trunk css/pt then allow the call to the Line CSS.

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Re: How to block a call without a gateway (CUCM7.0) - SR61315834

I want to block a DID # that is calling my DIDs.

Would you have a link to the discussions or any documentation that could give me some detail directions?

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Re: How to block a call without a gateway (CUCM7.0) - SR61315834

I have not tried, but maybe a transformation pattern also from what I have stated.

The Trunk still needs its own css/pt.  Then have it run through the Transformation patterns for calling number or called number.

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