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How to configure Credential Policy Defaults

I want a new Credential Policy Defaults, when I select "User Management" then Credential Policy Defaults, I see 3 Policy's listed. 1 is the System Default. The other two some how where created by one of my co workers. THeir is no where for me to add a new Credential Policy Default.

The only thing I could do, is modify my co workers existing Policies.

I can add a Configuration Policy, but that does do what i want, I need to change the "pin" and "password" for all users.

What am I doing wrong?


Re: How to configure Credential Policy Defaults

Cisco Unified Communications Manager assigns the system Default Credential Policy to end user passwords, end user PINS, and application user passwords. The system applies the application password that you configured at installation to all application users. You can assign a new default credential policy and configure new default credentials after installation.

• Upgrades from 5.x releases automatically migrate end user passwords and PINs.

• Upgrades from 4.x releases assign a default password and PIN to end users during installation

Steps to configure Credential Policy Defaults

Step 1 Choose User Management > Credential Policy Default.

The Find and List window displays.

Step 2 Click the list item to change.

The Credential Policy Default Configuration window displays with the current settings.

Step 3 Enter the appropriate settings,

• To change the applied credential policy, select the policy from the drop-down list box.

• To change the default credential, enter and confirm the new credential in the appropriate fields.

• To change credential requirements, check or uncheck the appropriate check boxes.

Step 4 Click the Save button or the Save icon.

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