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How to Configure IVR Setup for UC 520

Hello All Friends,

I need your Help,

We have using Cisco UC520 Router with two analog line, There are 8 Cisco IP Phone configure for internal usage as a intercom, each department have a one IP phone e.g. 201 for Sales, 202 Marketing, 203 Account, 204 Technical support, Now if anyone made call to UC520 ( both analog line ) they listen simple caller tune, I want to use Welcome message at the same place of Simple Ring tone e.g. Welcome to coinopsolutions kindly press the ext. no. if you know & call should be forward as per caller requirment if Caller don't know the ext. no. that time call should be forward to Operator means ext. 206
I mean The idea is to build up a simple IVR system so that callers are put through an automated menu, where they can choose various options by pressing their keypads. i realy don't know where to should start...

Can anyone suggest me, what should i do for that ?



Cisco Employee

Re: How to Configure IVR Setup for UC 520

Hi Vikrant,

All u need to do is plar both FXO port to CUE AA pilot via sip voip dialpeer

and then hit the CUE AA script to take over....

You may need to tweak the script a bit for ur purposes but start with the

canned AA. Following link shd get u started:

Let me know if u have any specific ques.

Hope this helps,


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