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How to construct a Phone list!


We are using VoIP and Phone landline service provider to make calls.

In order to make a call you need to dial 0 or 9 before the phone number in order to specify which line you are going to use.We dial 0 at the beggining of the number to use VoIP and 9 to use the Landline service provider.

My question is:

How to construct a list in order to make the devices chose the cheapest way first if available and then the second option?


Re: How to construct a Phone list!

There is cheapest way routing in CallManager. You can only do dial patterns. If the dial pattern matches xyz, then push it out this Route .

Most people use dial patterns for local calls. Such as if my office was 408 area code, and my co-workers keep dialing 408, even though it's a local call, I would have the dial pattern strip the 408 and push it out.

There are cost vs route or dial pattern in callmanagers

hope this helps

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