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How to create a "hunt group" in SRST configs?

I'm curious how this would be done.  The scenario is that I have a branch office with approx. 50 people.  In the event of circuit failure, I would like to configure the SRST to ring a specific order of phones through my FXO ports - let's just say ten for discussion's sake.  Is this as simple as the following?

default-destination XXXX

alias 1 XXXX to 1111

alias 2 XXXX to 1112

alias 3 XXXX to 1113... and so on through alias 10

If not, how would I achieve the above requirement?

Thanks for the help...

New Member

Re: How to create a "hunt group" in SRST configs?

I suppose it would be useful to see the rest of the SRST config already on the router:

secondary-dialtone 9
max-conferences 8 gain -6
transfer-system full-consult
timeouts interdigit 6
ip source-address port 2000
max-ephones 50
max-dn 192
system message primary Primary Link Down
system message secondary Primary Link Down
transfer-pattern ....
voicemail 93039871111
moh BeStillMyLove.ulaw.wav
multicast moh port 16384 route
time-zone 6

Would adding the previously mentioned alias commands provide the functionality I'm after?

Cisco Employee

Re: How to create a "hunt group" in SRST configs?

With just SRST you cannot, you need CME-as-SRST for this.

SRST Fallback Mode Using Cisco Unified CME

This feature enables routers to provide call-handling support for  Cisco Unified IP phones if they lose connection to remote primary,  secondary, or tertiary Cisco Unified Communications Manager  installations or if the WAN connection is down. When Cisco Unified SRST  functionality is provided by Cisco Unified CME, provisioning of phones  is automatic and most Cisco Unified CME features are available to the  phones during periods of fallback, including hunt-groups, call park and  access to Cisco Unity voice messaging services using SCCP protocol. The  benefit is that Cisco Unified Communications Manager users will gain  access to more features during fallback without any additional licensing  costs.



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New Member

Re: How to create a "hunt group" in SRST configs?

Are you using a PLAR on the FXO port for inbound calls?  If all you are looking to do is ring the phones you list in the  specific order then try this:

no huntstop

alias 1 XXXX to 1111 preference 1

alias 2  XXXX to 1112 preference 2

alias 3 XXXX to 1113 preference 3... and so on through alias 10

New Member

Re: How to create a "hunt group" in SRST configs?

Thanks, Joel - I believe that is exactly what I need.  Appreciate the help...

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