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How to define background image for 8961


our costumer want on all Phones a special backround image.

So he gave me a picture and have edited the list.xml that there is only the new picture.

The problem is, that it seems so that  there are 2 pictures in the phone hard coded and  on a phone where the image  has changed before I has changed the list.xml is stil an other image in background.

I'm looking for a way where I can set one image as default or configure on all active phones a image in background.

It could be ok when user could change the image to one of the both default images in the phone back, but when I click the "button" on 1500 phones should be the same image.

CM Version 7.1.3

Phone Load 9.0.2

Phone Types: 8961/9951

I hope my request is understandable.



Re: How to define background image for 8961


If I follow, you are trying to force an image to be displayed as the phone wallpaper/background.  You have two options:

1. Set the phone background before deploying it and disable user access to phone settings.  While it would keep users from changing the wallpaper, it isn't viable because they couldn't change ring tones, screen brightness, etc.

2. Push an image out to the phones and come up with a way to periodically re-push the image.  What I am referring to is documented here:

The above link will lay out a method for doing it yourself and I also list a 3rd party application that I have seen others use.

Unfortunately, I am not aware of a policy based solution built into the CUCM or any phone firmware.



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