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How to determine VOIP packet size is increased...

We have three remote locations: one in the US, UK, and India. The US location has a callmanger 4.1.3 cluster connected via an intercluster trunk to another callmanager cluster in India. In UK, there is a pbx system connected (via pri's) to a 2811 mgcp gateway registered to the US callmanager cluster.

Our problem is that when calling to/from the US and India over the WAN through the intercluster trunk, the g729 VOIP packets are showing up at 40kbps instead of 25kbps. However, calls to/from the US and UK are showing up at 25kbps, which is the desired size. Also, calls to/from UK and India are showing up at 25kbps. How can I find out why the voip packets to/from US and India are showing up as 40kbps and how can we correct this so that the packets show up as 25kbps? I suspect it's not happening at callmanager but is there a way to determine that? Also, how can I determine voip packet size coming in and out of routers and switches? Thanks in advance for any advice or thoughts.

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