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New Member

How to fix an occassional fast-busy?

I have this problem wherein I'm getting an occassional fast-busy when dialing from GW to another GW. The Disconnect Code I'm getting is "38" from CCAPI debug as shown below. This usually occurs when a I call a different number immediately (about 5 - 10 secs) after releasing the first.

I have tried switching from H323 "faststart" to "slowstart" but with the same result. I can also ping the other GW so it can't be unreachable.

Can you lead me on where to focus to fix the issue?


SPI Call Setup Request Is Success; Interface Type=1, FlowMode=1

*Nov 13 23:55:06.922: //2198/53B955BA8538/CCAPI/ccCallSetContext:


*Nov 13 23:55:06.922: //2197/53B955BA8538/CCAPI/ccSaveDialpeerTag:

Outgoing Dial-peer=400

*Nov 13 23:55:06.926: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/H323/cch323_h225FD_Print: fd [2] Accepts newcall

*Nov 13 23:55:06.926: //2198/53B955BA8538/H323/run_h225_sm: Received event H225_EV_SETUP while at state H225_IDLE

*Nov 13 23:55:06.926: //2198/53B955BA8538/H323/check_qos_and_send_setup: Setup ccb 0x641D38D4

*Nov 13 23:55:06.926: //2198/53B955BA8538/H323/generic_send_setup:

generic_send_setup: is_overlap = 0, info_complete = 0

*Nov 13 23:55:06.926: //2198/53B955BA8538/H323/generic_send_setup: ====== PI = 3

*Nov 13 23:55:06.926: //2198/53B955BA8538/H323/generic_send_setup: Send infoXCap=144, infoXRate=16, rateMult=0, xMode=128, info_layer1_prot=163

*Nov 13 23:55:06.926: //2198/53B955BA8538/H323/generic_send_setup: src address =; dest address =

*Nov 13 23:55:06.926: //2198/53B955BA8538/H323/cch323_h225_set_new_state: Changing from H225_IDLE state to H225_SETUP state

*Nov 13 23:55:06.926: TCP0: RST received, Closing connection

*Nov 13 23:55:06.926: TCP0: state was ESTAB -> CLOSED [29452 ->]

*Nov 13 23:55:06.930: Released port 29452 in Transport Port Agent for TCP IP type 1 delay 240000

*Nov 13 23:55:06.930: TCB 0x641CD910 destroyed*Nov 13 23:55:06.930: //2198/53B955BA8538/H323/run_h225_sm: Received event H225_EV_CONN_LOST while at state H225_SETUP

*Nov 13 23:55:06.930: //2198/53B955BA8538/CCAPI/cc_api_call_disconnected:



New Member

Re: How to fix an occassional fast-busy?

ever try to use: 'progress_ind' in dial-peer for the related calls?

New Member

Re: How to fix an occassional fast-busy?

I have similar issue -

Whenever phone placeed call and got fast busy tone (ie, no bandwidth or no valid desti number), the ephone will get fast busy tone always.

I think this is due to the cisco phone image is not compatible with VGW (CME)- since I use the upgraded phone with load: p00308000800 but my CME router has lower ver load.

Can you confirm if your phone load is same as your CME/SRST router?