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How to forward the incoming Caller ID for other Voice Gateway

Hi All;

I have two voice gateways, one connected with E1 and has an h323 trunk with another voice gateway, when caller call the first gateway via the E1, we will play an IVR (there is CVP), if caller press 4 (or any other option), then I have to forward the call for other gateway, how can I forward the caller ID of the caller, so the second voice gateway can detect it to use it?

Any help?




Re: How to forward the incoming Caller ID for other Voice Gatewa

caller id apperance, and the numbers you want to show, can be configured on in the field External Phone Number Mask

and it Specify the mask used to format caller ID information for external (outbound) calls made from the auto-registered devices. The mask can contain up to 50 characters. Enter the literal digits that you want to appear in the caller ID information, and use Xs to represent the directory number of the auto-registered device. For example, if you specify a mask of 972813XXXX, an external call from extension 1234 displays a caller ID number of 9728131234 if the Use External Phone Number Mask option is checked on the route pattern used to make the external call. If you specify a mask of all literal digits, such as 9728135000 to represent a main attendant number, then that literal number (9728135000) is the caller ID displayed for an external call from any auto-registered device.

Call Manager can handle the Caller Name but only if delivered using the DISPLAY information element. So it will not work with certain PBX's/switches which use a different way of sending the CNID. Some implementations use the FACILITY information element, which Call Manager does not support. For the caller ID feature on PRI, callmanager only supports it in the DISPLAY IE.

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